ZenTao management software

ZenTao is an open source project management system, scrum tool and agile tool.


Master project schedule

Find out what is going on in companies by logbook and calendar.

Find out products and projects by statistical form.

Find out Gantt charts, kanban and work logs

Source code integration

Browse online GIT and SVN repository.

Tasks and bugs are related with code commit.

Review easily code.

Simple and conventient operation

Support word output and need output by ".doc" file.

LDAP intergration and achieve users input or auto login.

Excel input&output and achieve batch operations of needs, tasks, bugs and cases.


Function Points

Gantt Chart

find out whole project schedule and achieve four standard task dependencies


clear backlog, log, tasks and flexible drag

Work Log

browse log by label and convenient statistical reporting by log file exported

Excel Import/Export

batch import/export stories, tasks, bugs and cases

Word Import

stories are exported by "docx" file and recorded easily

SVN Integration

browse online SVN repository and review easily code

LDAP Integration

import users from lamp and users from ldap server can login automatically

Reports Export

reports, custom reports and project pie charts are exported to local


More refined More efficient

Our mission is to provide more refined and more efficient project management for IT enterprise.