About Us

Nature Easy Corp Consulting Co., Ltd. was Nature Easy Soft Network Technology Co., Ltd. established in 2010. We focus on professional management solutions for enterprises all over the world. Various enterprise management solutions have been developed, including ZenTao ALM, ZSITE, ZDOO, and Xuan IM. In 2019, we launched Yitian IoT and Y-Disk through investment and cooperation, and formed three product lines, enterprise management software, IoT solutions and enterprise storage, which cover the entire management in small and medium-sized enterprises(SMEs) and provide a unique collaborative solution.


We take truth-seeking as our code of conduct and pursue the real and effective positive value for society. We stick to independent development, open source, and embark on a unique path. For the next decade, we will adhere to what we have always believed, continue optimizing products and services, and provide small and medium-sized enterprises with more, better, and more affordable management solutions, so that every SME can collaborate efficiently!